Electrosurgical unit ES 350
with argon and ThermoStapler®

Electrosurgical unit ES 350 with argon and ThermoStapler® is an electrosurgical system that meets the expectations of the most demanding medical professionals. It combines the benefits of electrosurgery, argon coagulation and a blood vessel closing system in one unit. It is equipped with two monopolar sockets, a bipolar socket and an independent ThermoStapler® socket. Enables operating with the use of various instruments without changing them during the procedure.

The unit follows an advanced operating modes such as bipolar resection. ES 350 customizes settings for different Interventions by using 9 program storage positions. ES 350 with ARGON and Thermo-Stapler® system is equipped with Spectrum Result System for an automatic adjustment of power to maximizes the effectiveness of operation. Neutral Electrode
Monitor System and Autotest ensures maximum safety during operation.

Bipolar resection
9 programs
Endoscopic cutting mode
Multi Switch
Spectrum Result
NEM System
Overload Protection