The LED Light Technology with upgraded camera facility White LED ceiling mounted with double configuration Design, homogenous light field with perfect color rendition & reduced color shadows that offer maximum lighting performance in large OT rooms. LED Light intensity at 1 Meter: Main Light 160,000 Lux, & Satellite Light 160, 000 LUX. 

    Double Dome LED Light 6MC + 6MC

    Focused Field

    Brilliant image quality and razor-sharp images by our integrable video system. Easy mounting, high-resolution images, up to 30x optical zoom, autofocus or image rotation allow you to precisely identify details in every wound field.

    Outstanding depth Illumination with Cascade system

    One of the highlights of the new Mach LED 6MC is the cascade system. With increasing depth of the operating field, the light no longer needs to be re-adjusted manually. Different lens types are used in this system. These lenses have their focusing at 70, 100 and 130 cm. Thus the surgeon no longer needs to manually re-adjust the light when the depth of the operating field increases. 

    Sterilized Handle

    All setting options can be accessed via the sterilizable handle. With the rotating ring on the handle, you control (depending on the equipment) depth light, brightness, color temperature and even the laser pointer. By rotating the handle, you can adjust the light field to the wound field size. Both the adjustment options and the functions take place in the sterile field

    Large Focusing Range 

    The focusing is achieved by means of mechanical (optional) and electronic light field adjustment. The brightness of the light field remains constant. 

    Automatic Shadow Management 

    New innovation is the shadow management, which is rendered possible by numerous sensors in the light. Any cluster that has its light disturbed by the surgeon is turned off. At the same time, the other light clusters increase in intensity in order to compensate for the shadow. Even if the surgeon changes position, the light field remains evenly illuminated without the need to move the light manually. 

    Video Management

    An HD or 4K camera which may optionally be integrated enables operations to be filmed. Thanks to high depth definition and autofocus, razor-sharp images are always possible – ideal for training purposes and documentation