Famed NEXO is an electric hospital bed that provides comfort during hospital stay, both in general departments and in intensive care (ICU). The multitude of functionalities, technological solutions, high durability, easier disinfection and pre-programmed rehabilitation positions have been combined with an affordable price.

VEM central panel. Preset positions (examination, emergency, Fowler, cardiology chair, CPR, vascular position, three VEM (Very Early Mobilization) settings, activation button, lockout buttons, mains disconnection indicator.

Control for patient. Activation button, position adjustments, under bed light, access to the nurse call system. Adapted to the visually impaired (contrasting icons and protrusions describing specific functions).

Control for personnel. Activation button, controlling positions of the bed (including longitudinal tilt), highlighted emergency position.

VEM mobilization buttons. They enable very early mobilization of the patient – helps to get out of bed, the patient rests on the railing, increasing the height with the button.

Foot control (option). It allows you to adjust the height and at the same time work with the patient and assist in changing the position in the bed. It also allows the bed to be placed in reverse-Trendelenburg and examination positions